Proven products

Lucent Oils products where initially developed for treatment of heavily contaminated waste oils and waters. The oils where found in collection tanks and slop oil lagoons all over the world with various contents and mixtures and had been reputable to be extremely hard to treat. Lucent Oils general purpose demulsifiers where then developed to treat these complicated oils. Since then the product group has increased and they have been used successfully on a variety of oils. Until today they have been used on oils ranging from medium to extra heavy crudes in Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Product areas

Emulsion Treatment

Emulsion Treatment
Lucent Oil offers products to separate water in oil emulsions. Lucents Emulsion Treatment are designed to help separation to recover quality oil from low quality sources as well as dehydration and desalination of Crude oils.
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Water Treatment
Oily water is generated in many processes in for instance marine-, power- and oil field industries. The Lucent range of water treatment chemicals are designed to break up oil emulsions by destabilisation of the emulsion, combined with coagulation and flocculation of the oil droplets.
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Oil Purification / Precoat Booster
Industrial process oils, such as lubricants or rolling-mill oil, become contaminated while being used. The pollutants include soot, metal particles and water. Lucent Oil AB develops and manufactures surface active products for the continuous cleaning of process oils used in manufacturing industries.
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Lucent Oil’s environmentally friendly cleaning fluids are highly concentrated water-based degreasers for cleaning oily surfaces and machine parts. The products are self-decomposing, which allows for self-separation from the water with all types of oils after the cleaning processes.
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Synthetic Lubricants
Lucent Oil’s water-soluble synthetic lubricants are designed to replace conventional mineral oils in  high-performance situations where the surface finish is important. A typical area of use is wire drawing at a steel mill, where Lucent Oil’s synthetic lubricant assuring an optimal surface finish on the wire.
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